In this latest release of the WordPress plugin Google Photos Pro we have added three new shortcodes to consume Google Photos API. These are important as they will be key to keeping your photos displayed on your WordPress site when Google turn off Google Picasa API access due on 15th March 2019

* [cws_gpp_albums_gphotos access=own] to list Albums from Google Photos API, use option access=own or access=shared, to specify albums returned
* [cws_gpp_images_in_album_gphotos] to list images in selected album
* [cws_gpp_images_by_albumid_gp id=’REPLACE_ID’] to display images withing a specified album

We have also included a Google Photos Album ID helper page to help you get the Google Photos Album ID. Google Photos API requires a different (and longer) ID than the album id displayed in the address bar in Google Photos.

We hope you enjoy the plugin!